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it was a lot of fun, but not that frustrating (IMO)

Pretty solid platformer. Well done!

Thank you

Well, it's really difficult, I can't deny that. I'm also really bad at platformers so it's a bit out of my element.
Nice music and sprites, though. Although you can't see spikes unless you looking for it really hard. I guess that was the idea?

Thank you for liking the game and yes, they're hidden spike after all~

"Frustrating" is correct. Well done on that. But I'm frustrated with the controls, too. Pressing control to wall cling is pointless. Unless it lets me climb up a wall too, it shouldn't be its own button. I should just be able to push into a wall to cling to it if that's what I'm supposed to be able to do. I shouldn't have to do gymnastics with my fingers to make sure I'm pressing all the buttons in the right order. And there should be much lower acceleration when you're in the air. I can't land accurately.

Thank you for your comment, yes I too find it frustrating some of the control we made, we thought it would be smart to make the "Ctrl" button  the wall jump ability since it's the core mechanic of the game, not pressing "Ctrl" would leave you not be able to progress the level=> Fit with the "out of Control" theme. Sorry for leaving you frustrated